Wednesday, November 21, 2012

November 20th - Busy, but Fun, Day

Gratitude Journal: I am grateful for good neighbors and friends.

This morning was a work day, for sure, as I tried to get laundry going and shopping lists figured out.  Once everyone was up, we fixed a nice breakfast.  Then Bill and Billy went to pick up a playhouse that we had bought from a friend of Lisa.  It is used, but is in excellent shape, and the cost was much less than buying new.  We plan to restain and reseal the cedar and repaint the trim. 

Just after lunch, Lisa and the kids came over.  Shortly after they got here, Brooks went down for a nap and Ashby just played.  A while later, Bill and Billy got back with the playhouse and had it set up temporarily before we even knew they were in the back yard.  When Ashby saw it, she went ballistic!  She was still playing out there when Brooks woke up.  He had fun playing, too.

By mid-afternoon, we were getting hungry, so Bill ran out and picked up some pizza.  After a short time in the house, Ashby was back outside and Ethan, from next door, came over.  They had more fun playing in the playhouse and running all over the place.  That went on until it was starting to get dark..

Once Lisa left, we just relaxed and tried to recover from the wild afternoon.  It is amazing how much energy two little children can generate!

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