Monday, November 12, 2012

November 11th - Another Good Sabbath

Gratitude Journal:  I am grateful that I have the freedom to worship as I please.  I have a strong testimony of the Gospel and am able to make life choices that are in accordance with my beliefs.  I can partake of the sacrament and renew my covenants with God.  I can study the scriptures.  I can serve others, at church and in the community.  What a wonderful blessing!

I started my day doing many of the things I usually have to do on Sunday mornings:  getting dinner planned and as prepared as possible, doing some RS things in preparation for our meeting, etc.  I also had to make arrangements for a number of things that I was to do this week and will not be able to do, because of going to Iowa. 

The RS president was out of town, so I went early to attend ward council for her.  Then I attended the rest of our regular meetings.  As always, the talks and lessons were wonderful.  I also had to conduct RS.  It is my month anyway, but both the president and other counselor were not there, so the secretary and I held down the fort alone.  Attendance seemed small today - not sure why - but there was a wonderful spirit there.  The lesson was on kindness - a topic that is perfect for our time.

When I got home, everyone was asleep - Lisa on the couch, David in the recliner with Ashby on his lap, and Brooks in the crib.  Needless to say, my walking in aroused a couple of them.  We got dinner finished and ate crockpot chicken, carrots, pasta, corn muffins, and canned peaches.  The rest of the evening was pretty much the norm - laughing at the kids, talking, etc.  It is always the highlight of my week.  Because Brooks had slept so well, they were able to stay a little later, so we had quite a show by the kids. 

When they left, I had more RS things to finish up.  Another group food order was due today, so I had to get that compiled and submitted.  I am thankful for a couple of friends who will handle some other things that were on my agenda this week; namely, the chocolate order needing to be picked and an assignment at the cannery.  I think it is all worked out.

I always enjoy my Sundays, but this one had a little extra stress that I would prefer not to have.  My bad for the day was having to do laundry that I had planned to do on Monday, but had to get done so I will have clothes to take with me to Iowa. 

Finally, today was Veterans Day and I want to close by thanking all those who have served and who now serve to help our country remain free.  I can find ancestors going all the way to Revolution who have fought, including my grandfather who fought in WWI and my husband who fought in Viet Nam.  Thanks you to every one of them.

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