Wednesday, November 7, 2012

November 4th - North Carolina Day 5

Gratitude Journal - I am thankful for good health.  Nothing makes you appreciate being healthy more than a day of being sick.

This was Sunday and the plans were to go to church, but those plans changed when Ashby got sick during the night.  She threw up several times and was still feeling badly when we all finally got up and going.  There is nothing worse than seeing a sweet child looking so forlorn!  We made the decision to just lay low and relax, hoping she would be feeling better by the time they had to leave to go home.

Lisa and Bill took Brooks on a long walk - a couple of hours long.  He even slept in the stroller for a while.  Poor Ashby just laid on the couch or cuddled with someone.  When they got back, we got the grill going and grilled out some hotdogs, hamburgers, and chicken.  We also finished the beans, had some homemade french fries and whatever else looked good that hadn't gotten eaten yet.

Late in the afternoon, Lisa and David packed up and headed back home.  Ashby had been feeling much better, but when they called later, they said she had been sick again.  Poor thing!

We hated to see them go, as it was very quiet again!  Of course, it didn't take long for us to settle in to our relaxation mode.  If relaxing were an olympic sport, I do believe I could earn a gold medal!

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