Wednesday, November 7, 2012

November 3rd - North Carolina Day 4

Gratitude Journal:  I am so thankful for the beautiful earth on which we live.  Looking out over the mountains from our front deck is breathtaking, even with most of the leaves gone.  There are still a few with gold or red leaves and there are lots of green pines.  It is all beautiful!

We had another lazy start to our day.  One of the nice things about this kind of vacation is that the main purpose is to just relax!  And we seem to be especially goo at just that!

Among the other things we did around the cabin, the children had a ball jumping in a huge pile of leaves on the patio.  They had such fun!

After lunch, we went into Waynesville to shop.  There are a ton of cute shops and it is fun just to walk through some of them.  Lisa and I spent a good bit of time in the Christmas shop where I bought another nativity set - this one native American - as well as an advent nativity chart for Lisa.  We also picked out some train ornaments for each of us as our memory ornament for the trip.

We also spent a long time in the Mast General Store - in the toy department, of course.  They have tons of old fashioned toys and we had a ball looking at everything.  We also spent a little bit there!

We then went to a local park to let the children run and play for a while.  The temp was so warm that the park was very busy.  It is a wonderful park, with tons of stuff, and the kids had such a great time.

Then we came home and fixed an easy dinner.  The TV satellite link had finally gotten activated the night before, so the guys even watched a little football.  The children played with some of their new toys and kept us entertained, as usual!

The week is going by way too quickly!

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