Sunday, November 25, 2012

November 24th - Sick - Ugh!!!!

Gratitude Journal:  I am thankful for my health.  There is nothing like being sick for a day to make you appreciate NOT being sick!

I woke up this morning not feeling exactly right.  Within half an hour or so, I was throwing up.  Great!  I must have gotten it from Brooks or Ashby.  I ended up spending the entire day in bed, sleeping or reading - or throwing up.  Hopefully this is just a 24 hour kind of thing, although the kids have been sick much longer.

Billy left about 7:30 this morning and called about 10:45 this evening to say he was home.  He had a good trip, nice weather, no problems.  We had such a great time while he was here and it went by way too fast!

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