Monday, November 26, 2012

November 25th - A Little Better Today

Gratitude Journal - I am grateful for my testimony of the Gospel and of Jesus Christ.  I have been very blessed to have found the church at a young age and to have had it as a central part of my life.  I love the Savior and all the He has done for me and for all of us.  I am grateful that I could tell my dad that I had no doubt about life after death.

I woke up feeling a little better today, but still not quite right.  I finally decided by mid-morning that I could try eating something, so I had some oatmeal and toast, which all stayed down just fine.  I ate again mid-afternoon and that was fine, too.  In between, I spent a little time on the computer, but I was still so tired that I napped and read in bed quite a bit.

By evening, I felt good enough to actually eat some popcorn.  I think the flu is gone! 

Of course, it meant I had to miss church today.  I have missed three of the four Sundays this month.  I can't remember ever missing that many at one time.  I hope it will be a long time before I have to miss again.  Thankfully, the other counselor got back in town, so she was able to conduct RS for me.  Otherwise, the secretary was going to get her first turn!

Here's hoping that tomorrow begins a normal week.  I really need one!

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