Monday, November 19, 2012

November 17th - Final Day with Dad

Gratitude Journal: I am grateful for being able to travel when necessary so I can be with someone special to me when I am actually needed.  I have enjoyed this week with my dad and am grateful that there are planes that let me travel quickly, friends who will facilitate picking me up at the airport, and money to be able to buy the ticket. 

This was the last day with Dad before I had to head back home.  It was pretty much the same as the previous couple of days have been.  We had breakfast, went up to the office, etc.  We then went over to Tammy's (Rita's granddaughter) to pick up Dad's car and leave Rita's there.  We spent some time with Tammy talking about the will and some other things. 

We then went on home, fixed a little lunch and relaxed for a while.  Dad and I have had a chance to talk some when we have these quiet times and it has been really good.  Later, we ordered a pizza and went to pick it up.  Then we went to Willie's to share the pizza and spend some time.  Again, we had some good chats.  Kalee was there, too, so we had a good last evening.

Time is about up and I hope that Dad will be all right.  I think he will be, but he will miss Rita a lot and it will seem very lonely for him for a while.  I am certainly glad that I was able to spend these few days with him.

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