Thursday, November 15, 2012

November 14th - Rita's Funeral

Gratitude Journal:  I am grateful for music.  There are few things that touch the soul the way music does.  The songs that were played at the funeral were powerful and touching.  Whatever our emotional state, music seems to reach out and touch us.

We got up, dressed, etc., and then headed to the funeral home where Rita's funeral was held.  We got there early, so Dad would have a last few minutes.  By the time the funeral started, the place was full.  It was a nice service, but a little hard at times for Dad and other family.  Then we went to the cemetery where there was a very brief service.

Billy made it over for the funeral, so when we finished at the cemetery, he, Dad and I came back home, got changed, and then went out for a little lunch.  Dad didn't want to go with Rita's family.  We then hung out at Dad's for awhile, just talking.

Mid-afternoon, Billy needed  to take off, as he needed to run by the bank, check his condo in CR, and then drive back to Des Moines.  Dad and I went up to the office for awhile.  Bob showed up a little later with all the supplies for the steak dinner (a weekly event at the airport before the Aero Club board of directors meeting.)  There was a pretty good turnout, with everyone eating steak, hamburgers, or hot dogs, and laughing, telling jokes, teasing each other, and talking about airplanes.  At 6:30, they held the meeting which lasted about a half an hour.

After finishing up and getting things cleaned up again, we went on down to Willie's for a while.  Some of the guys from the meeting showed up, too, and we stayed there an hour or so.  Then it was back to Dad's, where we watched a little TV, talked some, and then headed to bed.  I was exhausted!

It has been a long day.  The services were well done, but it is stressful saying goodbye to someone special.  Worrying about Dad just adds to the stress.  He will be fine, but it is not going to be easy.

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