Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February 7 - Countdown to Valentine's Day! - Dawn

We had one of our visiting teaching socials at my house this evening.  There were about 8 of us.  I got the group started with the socializing by having them each take a turn telling a little about herself.  Once it got going, I started the interviews in the other room.  One nice thing is once they got started, they had plenty to say and conversation never lagged.  One of the purposes of doing these socials was to help the sisters feel closer to each other and I think that is working out well.

The highlight of the evening for me was after I had finished the interviews and went back in with the group.  They had divided into two groups and each was having interesting conversations.  The group I joined was talking about the nonmember husband of one of them.  She was expressing how great he is, but how he wants nothing to do with the church.  She made the comment that she couldn't believe she was sharing some of these feelings.  (Good sign that she was really comfortable and feeling a bond.)  One of the other sisters began to share the story of her mother and how she was not active for years and years and then late in her life, she finally worked to be worthy to go to the temple.  It was her story that pulled me in.

Her mother was in her 80's and after working really hard had set a date to go to the temple.  She had her special recommend and the date was set with the temple.  Everyone was very excited.  Then, just a week before she was to go, she passed away.  Dawn, the daughter telling the story, said that they contacted the temple and asked if they had to wait a year.  They were told that since she had her recommend and all arrangements had been made that they could do her work immediately, which they did.

After she had finished, I commented that I remembered that happening while I was a temple worker - the family had come to do the work for a sister who had passed away and they were able to do it, because all the preparations had already been made.  Dawn looked up at me and said, "Yes, and you were the proxy for my mother when I was sealed to her."  My mouth dropped open.  "That was you?"  I had not known her at that time and I didn't remember the people, only the event, even though we were in the same ward.

With tears, she told me that she remembered and that she had been proxy for her mother when her parents were sealed, and then I had taken her mother's place, so she could be sealed to her parents.  I absolutely got goose bumps up and down my arms.

I have always liked Dawn, but I had not remembered her at the temple that day, although that particular event had been very special.  Now I feel an incredible sense of connection with Dawn.  I can honestly say I had some very powerful feelings of love tonight!

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