Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February 6th - Valentine's Day Countdown! - Lisa

Today Lisa and the kids came over to spend the day, so David could do some more painting.  In the afternoon, we went out to do some errands.  I needed to go by the library, and the children love going to the library, so we spent maybe an hour hanging out there.

Then we went over to the Dollar Store.  I wanted to pick up a couple of Valentine's decorations for my refreshment table.  They also enjoy walking around the dollar store and especially looking in the toy section.

Our final stop was across the street at the Steak and Shake.  They do a happy hour thing from 2 - 4 where some of the food is half off.  We were ready for a snack, so we shared a plate of french fries, I had a milk shake, Ashby had a dish of ice cream, etc.

The scary part of the whole day was as we were entering the restaurant, Lisa slipped on some loose rocks that were on the sidewalk and fell.  (This is why I do not like rocks in a shrubbery bed right next to a sidewalk - there are often loose rocks that get on the sidewalk!)  She was holding Brooks and managed to twist herself somehow so that he ended up with just a scrape on his forehead.  It could have been so much worse if he had gone headfirst into the sidewalk.  In the process, she did a pretty good number on her knee - it is bruised and swelled, but hopefully no damage was done.  Ashby and I were both scared by it.  Ashby's first response was to move all those rocks back into the bed.  She is so sensitive that it was all she could do not to cry when Brooks cried.

It all reminded me how much I love my daughter.  She is a wonderful mother, wife, and daughter.  It is scary to see something happening and be totally unable to do anything to stop it.  I am glad that neither she nor Brooks were hurt anymore than they were.  I do love Lisa!

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