Monday, February 13, 2012

February 12th - Countdown to Valentine's Day - Teachers

Another good Sunday.  I especially enjoyed our lessons in Sunday School and Relief Society.

In Sunday School, of course, we are studying the Book of Mormon.  Lisa is the name of the teacher and she is great.  You can tell she does a lot of studying and pondering as she prepares.  She always has insightful comments.  She sometimes looks at things from a slightly differently angle, and I like that.  I always feel like I have learned something - even when I have studied the same thing many times before.

The Relief Society lesson was about testimonies of Jesus Christ.  The teacher for that lesson was Angel.  She has been teaching for only a few months and feels overwhelmed teaching adults instead of children.  But, as a convert (of quite a few years now), she still shares an excitement about the gospel and the new things to be learned.  Her testimony is sweet and honest and there is always a wonderful spirit when she teaches.  These lessons from the teachings of George Albert Smith are wonderful, and the stories from his life are inspiring.  Angel does a great job of making those stories a launch pad for his teachings.

So today I have really enjoyed these teachers, as well as the teachers who teach on other weeks, and I have felt a special feeling of love for them.  They obviously spend time in studying, praying, and meditating in order to have these lessons change our lives.  Thanks to all of them.  I do love these wonderful sisters!

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