Monday, February 20, 2012

February 19th - Sunday

So if my Saturday was just another Saturday, then my Sunday must have been just another Sunday.  Of course, Sunday is one of the best days of the week, so just another Sunday is a very good thing!

We are on an afternoon church session now, which I don't like as much as the morning session.  But, it does mean I can be lazy about getting up and doing some things in the morning.  Today I finished up a couple of things in preparation for Relief Society - did my usual computer stuff - worked a little on family history - made sure everything was ready to go for dinner - etc.

This being third Sunday, we had high a council speaker.  This one is brand new to the high council and this was his first speaking assignment.  The 2nd counselor in the stake presidency was also attending our ward, so the speaker mentioned that in addition to being nervous because it was his first time, he was extra nervous because President Frost was there.  He then went on to give an excellent talk.  The first speaker was a young woman and the second was a young man preparing to go on a mission.  They were both good talks, as well.

The closing hymn was "How Great Thou Art," which is always a tearjerker.  I am fine until the third verse that starts out talking about His giving His son and then I am overwhelmed, both with the message, but more because of Jason.  I think I understand in a tiny little way what it means to give your son.

Sunday School was a lesson on the Book of Mormon - included Nephi's Psalm this time, which is always worth rereading and talking about.

In Relief Society, the lesson was on Joseph Smith.  The teacher for this lesson is a convert of just a few years, and she can be rather outspoken and totally honest.  She started by saying that she almost called and said she couldn't teach this lesson, because while she had a testimony that Joseph Smith had his First Vision, she had always felt uncomfortable with how so many in the church almost deify him.  She then went on to give a great lesson.  All of these George Albert Smith lessons have been powerful.  There was a strong spirit of testimony about Joseph Smith being a true prophet and I think everyone took something special from the lesson.

When I got home, the kids were already here.  I put dinner together - cooked some spaghetti, frozen peas, frozen shrimp scampi, and baked the frozen bread dough.  How do you say - I felt lazy today?  It was actually very good and everyone ate a lot.  I get the shrimp scampi at Costco and while it is a little expensive, it is so convenient since it has all the butter and seasonings already frozen onto the shrimp.

It is always fun having the kids here and Brooks and Ashby are so entertaining!  They couldn't stay long, as Brooks was tired and needed to get home to bed, so by 7:00 they were gone.

I spent a little time checking email, etc., and clearing up a couple of things that had come up during the day.  Then I had a bowl of ice cream for my dessert, got ready for bed, read my scriptures, and then read my book for the next couple of hours.  I finished the book that I received in the mail.  I need to contact the author now and give him my opinion.  I actually thought the book was very good.

And thus my Just Another Sunday was over.  And it was a good one!

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