Sunday, February 19, 2012

February 18 - Just Another Saturday

Just another Saturday today - laundry, cleaning, planning Sunday dinner, etc.  Bill went to help David do some work on the retaining wall in his yard, so I was home alone most of the day.

Besides the expected Saturday chores, I called Judith, my friend in hospice  She sounded much better than the last time I talked to her.  I am going to try to go down and visit one day this week, if she is up to having visitors on the day I can go.

I also had to get some Relief Society things done before Sunday, including the weekly service opportunities email. 

When everything else was done - well, except for going to pick up some groceries, which I never did do - I did my usual computer stuff and worked on family history again.  I had several family history emails to respond to which means I had to make sure I had everything correct in my own file before I started answering questions from other people.

I printed out the sheet to print out more cards at the temple next time I go.  I also prepared the stack of cards to take with me to the temple - a couple of endowment cards and another stack of couple sealings.  I always double check to make sure someone else hasn't done the work in the time since I originally printed the cards.  It is amazing how often I discover that the work is no longer necessary!  So now I have my family file cards prepared for a temple trip - hopefully this week, but not sure since the calendar is pretty full.

In the evening, I read the book that the author sent to me earlier in the week.  I had started it the night before and it is actually pretty good.  After tonight, I am better than half way through it.  It is a mystery about a man who kidnaps four women and keeps them in seclusion for six months.  Figuring out his and his friend's motives is interesting - nothing is as it seems.  The FBI investigation part is also very good - working with virtually no leads.  The love interest between two of the agents is the weak part.  I don't think this author should write romance; he doesn't seem to get it.  I do appreciate that it isn't graphic, but the interaction between the two agents is not too realistic.  Even so, I am actually enjoying the book and am anxious to finish it.

So, another normal Saturday is finished.  It was a good day and I got a lot done, even if it doesn't sound like much!

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