Saturday, February 18, 2012

February 17th - Grandkids and the Mall

So today was going along as a usual day.  I did spend some time scrapbooking (working on the Williamsburg trip) family history, all the usual.

In the afternoon, Lisa called and said they needed to get out of the house for a while.  So, we met up at Discover Mills Mall for a while.  We hadn't remembered that the kids were all out of school (a snow make up day that they got as a holiday since there have been no snow days this year), so the place was mobbed.

We still had a good time.  Ashby's favorite place is the Disney Store.  She is so totally taken with all the Disney princesses that she can spend hours in there, I think.  We then walked up to the food court - or shall I say that Brooks was walking and that was where he led us? - but it was too late in the afternoon to eat.  They did ride the carousel, which is always fun to do.

Then more walking.  Brooks is so darn cute walking.  He is so chunky that he looks like a stump with legs, and boy do those legs move.  You almost have to run to keep up with him!  Needless to say, he attracted a lot of attention.

We took a quick walk through Dress Barn, thinking we might come back to do some birthday shopping for Lisa later in the month.  Ashby stood in front of the mirror, crossing her feet to curtsey, blowing kisses, and waving the princess hand.  The store clerk got the biggest kick out of her.

Then it was time to go - that was it.  Just a couple of hours at the mall with the grandkids - but, oh, how that made it into such a great day!

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