Sunday, February 26, 2012

February 25th - Finally! A Quiet Day!

This past week has been busy, busy, busy!  Besides the normal things I need and like to do, I had some reason to go out every day and I had some event every evening!  I prefer to be at home, doing my own thing, so this was a stressful week for me.

It is not that I didn't enjoy the things I did - well, most of them anyway - it was just that I felt like I was on the go all the time.  I know some people live that way all the time and thrive on it.  In fact, I used to live that way, back in the day when the kids were young and I was in everything there was to be in.  But, by choice, my life has changed and I like the relaxing and quiet stuff now.

So, thank you, Saturday, for being a quiet day with no demands!  I had even finished the laundry on Friday, so none of that to do.  I had cleaned the house for two nights worth of guests, so that was already done.  I had cleaned the kitchen after everyone left on Friday night, so that was out of the way.  Bill went over to help David put up some crown molding, so I had the house to myself and no demands!!  I loved it!!

What did I do?  Well, of course..........  I had hardly touched genealogy all week, so this was my day.  I have been working on that Bacon-Wesco line and I was able to look up all the "shaking leaves" on the pedigree.  You would have to be on to know what that is.  That took a long time, as I had to look up each document, determine if it applied, and then copy the info into my Roots Magic file if it did.  I still have to check the individual families, since the other children don't show on the pedigree.  I also have more pictures to scan in and some stories to write.  But I was excited to make real progress today - not just a little touch here and a little touch there.

Looking ahead to this next week, I think I will be back to normal - keeping my fingers crossed!

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