Thursday, February 16, 2012

February 15th - Back to the routine!

Back to regular posts - and my regular, not all that interesting, life.  I wouldn't change a thing, but it is rather boring when it comes to trying to write about it!

A good bit of my morning was spent on Relief Society things.  I had some things to work on at home and then we had a short presidency meeting.  Always good, but nothing to retell there.

After doing a few odds and ends around the house, I spent most of the afternoon working on family history.  I have started double checking all the information on my Bacon-Wesco lines so I can put a book together, but today I got side tracked.  That happens so often!  I happened to see a problem on new.familysearch about Emma Large.  Actually, there were two Emma Larges.  They were sisters.  The first died when she was about a year old.  When the next daughter was born about four years later, they named her Emma, as well.  On new.familysearch, they had been combined into one person.  I couldn't stand to have that baby lost in the shuffle, so I tried to make some corrections and in the process I ended up spending the next couple of hours working on that family.  Oh, well.  I will get my book done sometime!

Bill went by the hospital to visit our friend Don again.  He is struggling - had a fever spike the night before and got a blood transfusion in the morning.  He is just not able to stand yet.  With only one hip replaced, the other is still totally unusable; plus, not having walked for two years, his legs are extremely weak.  This is going to be a long haul for him.  Once he has the second surgery in six weeks, therapy will be more effective.  They are hoping that he will be walking in a year.

As he was about to leave for the hospital, Bill got a call from another friend who was in the ER with a gastro-intestinal problem.  This is a chronic problem for him, and we don't know yet exactly what is going on right now.  He has had bleeding in the past, so hopefully that is not happening again.  Anyway, Bill went by there first to help give him a blessing.  The hospital is keeping him overnight, so hopefully by tomorrow we will know more.

Wednesday is activity night at church, so as soon as he got back from the hospital visits, he had to head over to the church.  Meanwhile, I am having a quiet evening at home.  I had some popcorn, read a book, then headed to bed early, where I read some more.  Not much to retell - but I love my life!

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