Monday, February 6, 2012

February 5th - Valentine's Day Countdown - RS sisters

Today was Sunday, so of course attending church was the main event of the day.

(I know, it is Super Bowl Sunday, which means exactly zero to me!  My nod to the super bowl was to plan a little different meal than usual.  Our Super Bowl dinner menu was pulled pork sandwiches, kielbasa chili, shell pasta salad, and cole slaw.  It was actually all very good.  It is always fun having the kids over for Sunday dinners.)

But back to church..........

Besides a very good testimony meeting, and a great lesson on the Book of Mormon in gospel doctrine, we had a wonderful Relief Society lesson.  The other counselor, Sarah, taught it and I thought it was just what we needed.  She talked about the purposes of Relief Society and how the RS is under the authority of the priesthood and patterned after the organization of the priesthood.   She discussed many examples of that and what a blessing it is to the sisters, if we just understood it.  The interesting thing is that the sisters themselves turned the discussion towards visiting teaching.  Virtually every question that Sarah asked brought a response that somehow included visiting teaching.

I thought that was really interesting, because we are struggling with that right now and are trying several things to change their hearts so they will make visiting teaching a higher priority.  The spirit in the lesson was really strong, and I know many sisters were really touched.  Hopefully, they carry that feeling home and ponder it enough for it to prompt positive changes.

What all of that has to do with my Feelings of Love series here is that I realized how much I really love these sisters, individually and as a group.  When someone who has no natural born sisters can say that her life is full of wonderful sisters - well, that is a feeling of love!

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