Saturday, February 4, 2012

February 3rd - Countdown to Valentine's Day - Ashby & Brooks

When thinking of love, it is understood that the grandchildren will show up somewhere!  Maybe more than once!!!!! Today was the day.

Lisa called and they were looking for something to do to get out.  So we met at the mall for lunch and playing.  I got there first, so I was sitting at one of the tables by the play area.  I saw Lisa, Ashby and Brooks come in and about the same time, Ashby looked up and saw me.  She took off running, with arms outspread, a big smile on her face, and shouting, "Gamma."  Needless to say, I grabbed her up and gave her plenty of hugs and kisses and got my share in return.

By the time Lisa and Brooks got to the table, Brooks was grinning and jumping around, trying to get out of the stroller.  He got his share of hugs and kisses, too.  There is nothing like being a grandma!

We went to the food court for lunch - Chik Filet today - and then got an ice cream cone to eat as we walked back down the mall to the play area.  As we usually do, we stopped first at the coin operated vehicles, so they could ride some of them.  Ashby is learning to check my pocket to see if there are any quarters, and today my pocket was full of them.

Our next stop was the play area.  Brooks is walking all over the place now and he had more fun.  He is captivated with the mall train, so he keeps trying to escape so he can see the train.  He loves climbing through the little tunnels and walking through the playhouse.  Ashby was into bouncing and running laps and finally she managed to climb up and jump off of everything.  Both had a lot of fun.

We finished the mall time with a ride on the train.  Well, I didn't ride the train, but the kids went with Lisa.  I sat on the bench and waved every time they went by.  Brooks couldn't stop smiling the whole time.  He is currently obsessed with trains.  One of his favorite toys at home is the Thomas the Train set we bought Ashby a year ago for Christmas.

Our final stop of the day was at the Dollar Store.  Ashby wanted to ride in Grandma's car and we had quite the conversation on the way over.  I made a comment about making sure I found the right place to turn.  She then proceeded to explain to me that we needed to have a map!

So today's feelings of love are an easy one - anytime the grandchildren are around, I am totally immersed in love!   

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