Saturday, February 25, 2012

February 24th - Dinner with Friends

We seldom entertain, at least we seldom have people over for dinner.  I don't know why, just lazy, I guess.  We have a lot of other events at our house, like Empty Nesters, book group, RS groups, and other things.  We just never seem to invite anyone for a meal, unless there is a specific reason, like the missionaries.

So tonight, we changed that.  For no reason, other than that it sounded fun, we invited two couples over for dinner and the evening.  Melanie and Skip (she is RS president and he is "my computer guy") and Lorie and Kirk (she is compassionate service leader and he is Bill's home teaching companion.)  Of course, the reason we invited those two couples was because we always have fun when we are with them.

For dinner, we did taco salad - easy, but everyone always likes it - and some fresh berries.  There was a blackberry pie and ice cream for dessert.

With this group, conversation never lacks!  We had so much fun, with more than enough laughter to tide us over for a while.  With the stories Lorie told about her kindergarteners, the stories about everyone's kids, some hilarious adventures we all have had at various times, we had a ball.  We even had a serious time while we discussed the many people we know who are struggling with medical issues at the moment.

I don't know why we don't do this more.  I think we will make a bigger effort to invite different people over every couple of months.  It is good for friendships and it is a fun and relaxing kind of evening.

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