Sunday, February 5, 2012

February 4 - Valentine's Day Countdown - Bill

Today was a fairly normal Saturday - some laundry, some housework, etc.  Then I spent my time working on the family history matching and listening to more of the stream from RootsTech 2012.  Not too exciting, I must admit, but I liked it.

Bill went over to help David do some work on his front yard, so I was home alone all afternoon.  I even managed to squeeze in a nap.  When Bill came back, he suggested we go out to Del Rio for dinner.  That is our favorite Mexican restaurant near us.  So after getting cleaned up, that is what we did.

It was very crowded, but we somehow just managed to "thread the needle" and only waited a few minutes.  Shortly after we were seated, the waiting line was enormous!  They have live music on Saturday evenings, and sometimes it is quite good.  Tonight's singer was OK, but not as good as some.  Fortunately, we were seated far enough away that we could hear each other, so we were able to have a nice conversation.

It was a nice evening.  I do love my husband.  He works hard, and puts up with me, and even makes me feel special!  Thanks, Bill!

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