Friday, February 17, 2012

February 16th - What's a Normal Day Like?

Another stay-at-home day - the boredom continues!  Except that I was not bored one minute today.  I have so many things to do that I am busy every minute.  So, just what kept me so busy?

Well, there is always the "walking through the house and straightening everything in sight" task.  My house may not be truly clean, but it is very neat.  I learned a long time ago that neat equates to clean for most people, so the secret to good housekeeping is to keep it neat.

Second, there are the loads of laundry - sheets and jeans today.  With just two of us now, I can get by doing a couple of loads a couple of times a week and pretty much keep up.  I used to have to do at least a load a day.  Now I have one of the bigger washing machines and less laundry - so go figure - why didn't I have this machine when I needed it?

Naturally, washing sheets means remaking the bed.  I am lazy here, too.  The sheets come off, they get washed, and put right back on.  No folding sheets for me, if I can avoid it!

Then, of course, I had to eat, so that took a little time.  Let's see, poached eggs and toast and juice for breakfast -- leftovers for late lunch -- popcorn for dinner.  Yes, popcorn.  If I eat much for lunch, then I don't feel like eating anything big for dinner - and Bill was at a meeting anyway - so evening snack of popcorn is perfect.

Much of the rest of the day was at the computer.  I have to start by looking at all my junk emails in my junk account.  That isn't as bad as it may sound.  That is where I get all the special emails from various companies, services, etc.  It doesn't take long to go through them, but sometimes I find a treasure.  Today I ordered a book from Deseret Books that was on sale and with free shipping.  Something for the kids, you know!  I downloaded a few e-coupons, just in case I buy something.  I downloaded a free e-recipe book with delicious looking sweets.  I will probably never use it, but it was free, and who knows when I might need something!  I read a couple of interesting articles, etc.

Then I went to my regular email address and had some emails relating to Relief Society that required some action.  There were several emails relating to family history that I put into the special file for answering later.  I subscribe to 3 local online papers, so I had to look at those to see if there was any interesting news.

Next up was the blogs - I needed to write mine and look at those that I follow.  The most important of those are the free Kindle books ones - which meant I also had to download a couple of free books that looked good.  I now have almost 250 books on my Kindle - and I move them off once I have read them.  I doubt I will ever get them all read, but I can't turn down a good, free book.  While I am checking blogs, I also need to take a quick peek at Pinterest to see if any of the people I follow have posted anything interesting.

So, by then, it was mid-morning.  I had things pretty much in control, so it was time to turn to family history, which filled most of the rest of the day.  I am still working on the Bacon-Wesco line and keep finding new things.  I thought I had done everything there already, so it is a good thing I was rechecking before preparing the book.

In the middle of the day, I also took the time to make a couple of phone calls.  I hate phone calls - I put them off as long as possible!  I love email, but sometimes that just won't do.  I tried to call Judith, my friend in hospice, and she didn't answer.  I am really concerned, as she was slipping rapidly the last time I talked to her.  I plan to call the hospice to see if they will tell me anything.  My other call was to another friend who was in the hospital a few weeks ago with congestive heart failure.  She is home and doing much better now.  We had a fun chat and made plans for me to come visit her next week.

Late in the afternoon, Bill got home from his busy day.  He had been to the dentist to get the new cap on his front tooth put in.  It looks good.  He had also done a couple of estimates and had lunch with his sister.  He was able to give me an update on our two friends who are currently in the hospital.  (What is this - are we getting old or what - everyone we know seems to be in the hospital or just getting out!)

He brought in the mail and there was a package for me - surprise.  It was from Texas - who do I know in Texas? - and I didn't recognize the name.  I opened it to find a hardcover book!  Inside was a personal note from the author.  He had seen my review for a certain book on Amazon and said I had "nailed it."  (I didn't do any reviews today, but I do a lot of them, too.  Mostly so I can get free books - there we go again!)  The book was his first novel and he asked if I would read it and give him feedback.  Interesting - the review that he referred to was pretty sharp.  I had liked some things about the book, but it had some major flaws, which I definitely pointed out.  I hate reviews that aren't totally honest.  I guess he thought he would get an honest review from me.  The book actually looks like it might be good - I do love mysteries.  So I will read it next.  (A lot of authors self-publish, which he did, and then have it printed.  One of the ways they get publicity for their books is through Amazon and other book site reviews.  That is why I can get so many free books for reviews.)

After Bill left for his meeting, I finished up things at the computer, backed up my family history files, and shut it down.  Then came the popcorn that I mentioned earlier.  I sat and read my Kindle book while eating that.  I never turn the TV on anymore.  I don't have time to watch it!  By then it was almost 9:00, so I got ready for bed, climbed in with the Kindle and read until Bill got home.

Now, that is a detailed example of a typical day for me.  Like I said, how boring is that?  I wouldn't change it, either.  It is just the way I like it!  Of course, some days we add in meetings, visits, grandkids, going out to lunch, temple, scrapbooking, etc.  I am just so busy, busy, busy!

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