Thursday, February 23, 2012

February 22 - David's Birthday

Besides the usual "around the house" stuff, I had a RS presidency  meeting later this morning.  It seems like the compassionate service list took the largest amount of our time!  There are so many people struggling at the moment.  Among them is our friend Jim who was just diagnosed with cancer.  He is in the other ward, although they were part of our ward for years - one of those boundary adjustment things.  We will be supporting the other ward in providing assistance as needed.  We have another sister who is pregnant.  She has scoliosis which causes considerable pain on its own and while pregnant, she is nearly immobile because of the pain.  This is her second pregnancy and she suffered the same through the first one, too.  We will be providing some food for her to help out, and as it gets closer to her due date, probably considerably more.  The list goes one - I think I ended up with at least eight names!  We are praying for the blessings that each of them needs individually and hoping that we will be inspired to offer whatever help it is that they most need when they most need it.

It is also David's birthday and he likes a stay at home dinner for his birthday.  We went over there, so Lisa could cook, but it turned out David did the cooking - by his own request.  He fixed tacos, which we all love.  I had to take our taco mold over so they could fry the tortillas.  That is the one object that we own that may cause a dispute when it comes time to divide our estate!  Both Billy and Lisa have put in their requests for the taco maker.  It is something we bought at Taco Tico, a taco place in Orlando, probably 40 years ago.  It was one of the few fast food taco places around then and it was THE place to stop after attending stake meetings in Orlando.  On a whim, we bought it one time because it happened to be on display.  We have never been able to find another one.  Most of them are "V" shaped and the taco shell breaks apart.  This one is "U" shaped and holds the meat perfectly.  Anyway, such a silly thing to get so much attention in our house!

Lisa took an old tee shirt that was still in good condition and drew a little road map on the back - you know, like those play mats that show roads and buildings and kids use a car to drive on the roads.  She saw the idea on Pinterest and that is what she and the kids gave David for a gift.  The idea is that he can put the shirt on, lay on the floor, and the kids can drive their cars on the map and it will feel like getting a back massage!  Love it!  Lisa and Ashby also made a birthday cake that looked like a golf course.  Wonder why?!!!

It was a nice way to spend a Wednesday evening - getting to play with the grandkids, eat tacos, cake, and just have a relaxing evening.  David is a good husband and father and it was fun to help him celebrate another birthday.

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