Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 30 - Start the Week off Right Day

I love a Monday that is quiet and without stress!  It lets me get started off right.  Today was such a Monday.  I had no place I needed to go, so I was able to do things around the house - straightening up after the weekend, dusting, etc.

I was also able to look at my calendar for the week and plan things out.  I know plenty of unscheduled things will show up, but at least I have it planned out to some extent.  I was able to spend some time scrapbooking - I am working on the trip to Williamsburg, VA, back in 2007.  That shows how far behind I am!

I spent a long time working on Family History, too.  I only have a couple thousand names left to match with New.FamilySearch.  I am not going to get it done in January!  I guess I will keep that going well into February.  I am going to the temple on Tuesday, so I printed out a bunch of names to take to get the cards printed.  I also checked cards that I have to take to have the work done.  I have learned that it is a good idea to recheck cards if I have had them for a while.  Sometimes I discover that the work has already been done.  The new system is certainly reducing the amount of work done over again, but it has not eliminated it completely.  I found one card that someone had completed the work, so I threw it out.  Who knows how that happens???

I was able to make some phone calls for Relief Society.  I love my calling, but I hate making phone calls.  So, that was a big accomplishment for me!  I was able to do some other things with RS, as well.

Bill has caps on his two front teeth - he broke them off when he was a teenager.  Friday night, one of the caps broke, so he spent yesterday at the dentists trying to get things fixed up.  It turned out they had to redo the root canal (dentist #1).  Fortunately, with no nerve, the pain wasn't bad - except for the money, $990!  And that was just to fix the root.  Now he has to go in Wednesday and have a new cap done (dentist #2).  That is another $1500 or so.  I didn't go with him, but I did field several phone calls from him as he was going through it all - making decisions about which course to take, etc.

So, it was a mild Monday, instead of a crazy Monday, and I enjoyed the day.  The rest of the week is much busier, so I am glad I had today!

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