Sunday, January 8, 2012

January 7 - A Whole Week in the New Year Already!

Ah, Saturday!  Bill spent the day helping David doing some yard work at his house, so I was "home alone."  That meant I got to do whatever I wanted (like most of my days!)  Besides the expected Saturday chores - laundry, cleaning, etc - I also managed to do some work in the scrapbooking room, trying to get it better organized.  I had quite a few Relief Society things to do, including updating the general conference talks blog and sending out the service opportunities email.  I spent most of the rest of my day working on family history - still trying to match up with New Family Search.  See what I mean about how boring my life is when almost every entry is "worked on family history"?

I thought it was a great day, actually.  I have made it through the first week of the new year and still haven't worked on any new year's resolutions - probably a good thing since I didn't really make any!  I have kept up on my scripture reading, I have read a couple of books, I have even taken a couple of naps. 

Now I need to make sure I actually accomplish something of a little more value this coming week!  Oops, that sounds like a resolution!!!

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