Saturday, January 21, 2012

January 20 - Another Babysitting Day - Yeah!!

David had to have a follow up on the lasik eye surgery he had last year, so they dropped the kids off on their way to the eye doctor.  I always enjoy the babysitting - they are both so cute.

Ashby had a bit of a melt down because she didn't want her daddy to leave.  They have been over here way too much lately and she is a daddy's girl all the way.  She calmed down quickly, though, and loved watching Nick Jr on TV - something she doesn't do at home.  Brooks was ready to eat (when is he NOT ready to eat?), so I fed him while Ashby had her personal time.

Then they just played for an hour or so, until it was time to give Brooks his bottle and put him down for a nap.  I didn't think he was going to be ready to sleep, but he only made one little cry and then we never heard another sound - for 2 1/2 hours!  That gave Ashby and me time to play a little.  We didn't do anything special, just cuddled and then she ran around wanting me to try to catch her.  I don't chase - but I do sit in the big chair and every time she rounds the corner, I try to snatch her.  She loves it!

Lisa and David were back before Brooks woke up, so she and Ashby made some frosting to put on the sugar cookies they had made a couple of days ago.  Ashby decorated one cookie.  She had it lying on the table, and used her finger to put the frosting on.  There was not a single molecule of that cookie that was not frosted!  She also frosted the table about a quarter of inch all around the cookie.  Interesting - she doesn't really like the frosting, so she didn't eat any of it - didn't even lick her fingers - but she loved putting the frosting on.  By contrast, when making cookies, she can't keep her fingers out of the dough - she wants to eat her cookies before they get baked!

It was a fun afternoon and a good cheer up after feeling poorly for a couple of days.

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