Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January 10 - 65th Birthday - Oh, How Old!

Well, I survived my 65th birthday and I think it was done in style - my style, that is.  I enjoyed receiving tons of birthday wishes on Facebook, birthday cards, phone calls, etc.  It made me feel special.  I know it helps that Facebook tells everyone it is my birthday, but they still took the time to post.  One of the phone calls was from Ashby, who sang happy birthday - so cute!

I went to the temple in the morning and did a session.  I did a family file card for Hattie Archer, born Jun 1878 in Ohio.  She would have been my 1st cousin, 3 times removed.  It is always nice attending the temple and especially so when I see so many people I know and love.

I spent the afternoon working on family history, of course.  I am still trying to get everyone matched against New.FamilySearch.  I am making good progress on that, but will probably still take a few weeks.

For dinner, we went to eat at Provino's, an Italian restaurant that we have gone to for years and years.  They do free dinner on your birthday, so we often go there.  They have the best salad and bread of any place I have ever eaten.  I am not a huge salad fan, but they add some interesting things that I like, like garbanzo beans and beets.  The homemade rolls are drenched in fresh garlic and melted butter - so sinful, but so good!  I sometimes just have bread and salad and maybe a small appetizer.  However, with free dinner, I decided to go all out and get the seafood trio.  Oh, my, was it ever good!  They also bring a dish of ice cream with a candle for the birthday person.  That really got Ashby excited.  She sang happy birthday again and then blew out my candle!  She and Brooks managed to make a big dent in the ice cream, too.  Brooks would laugh out loud before every bite, like he was cheering.  I guess he likes ice cream!

Lisa, Ashby and Brooks joined us for dinner - we went early so they would not be a disturbance.  As it turned out, they were both good as gold.  Ashby ate a huge dinner - she loves cheese ravioli!  Brooks sat in his high chair the whole time, laughing and playing.  It was all very nice.

Afterwards, we went to their place to have a birthday cake that Ashby and Lisa had made.  I got the happy birthday song one more time and then we ate cake and more ice cream.  Then the kids ran around playing - they were really wound up!  They were so funny and so fun - we all had a chance to really laugh it up.

So, birthday my style - all about temple, family history, food, and mostly family!  It was a very good day!

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