Monday, January 23, 2012

January 22nd - Grilling in the Rain!

After another wonderful Sunday church service, I hurried home to find the kids all resting around the house.  In spite of all the rain, we had decided to grill out - something we do a lot in the summer, but haven't done for weeks.  I had left cedar planks soaking and a salmon all thawed out.  I rubbed the salmon with seasoning, prepared potatoes to bake, picked out a couple of frozen vegetables, and turned on the oven so the bread would finish rising a little quicker.

The issue, of course, was whether or not we were going to have to cook in the rain.  It was another nasty morning, but more drizzly than raining, so I kept my fingers crossed.  It turned out that when we finally decided to go ahead and cook, it was not raining.  Hurrah!  David did the cooking, since Bill was still not home from church.  It turned out great.  I really love plank grilled salmon.

Another successful Sunday - church, family, and food!

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