Saturday, January 14, 2012

January 13 - New Art Set - and Two Great Artists!

Lisa brought the children over after lunch so she and David could paint.  Then she and the kids spent the night, so David could work late and get started early the next morning.

 I didn't get much else done, other than babysitting.  Of course, that is fine with me!  Before they came, I got in a run to the grocery store. In between everything else, I plugged away at the family history matching and have only about 400 names to go. 

It is always fun to have the children here and they were both very good.  They played and then, while Brooks took a nap, Ashby and I pulled out the new art set that just came.  Together, we did a watercolor picture of a tree and the sky, a colored pencil drawing of the pool with chair and palm tree, and Ashby used a marker to draw a lovely face.  We were quite proud of ourselves!

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