Monday, January 30, 2012

January 29 - Stake Conference

Today we had one of the regional broadcast stake conferences.  All the stakes in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina were part of the broadcast.  We were able to meet in our own building, which is so much better than going to the stake center.

Elder Gonzalez conducted and was the first speaker.  Siister Cheryl Esplin, the second counselor in the Primary, Bishop Richard C Edgley of the Presiding Bishopric, and Elder M. Russell Ballard were the other speakers.  They were all really good, of course, touching on a wide variety of topics.

On the way home, Bill mentioned he particularly enjoyed Sister Esplin, who talked about family home evening.  It was her manner as much as her message.  I liked Bishop Edgely, who said that sin is sin, regardless of how the world tries to change it.  Elder Gonzalez spoke about the importance of the one.  Elder Ballard shared the numbers of members and nonmembers in the whole southeast area which means that there are about 130 nonmembers for every member.  Bill commented that the numbers have sure increased since the "old days" when he was young.

It was a wonderful way to start a Sunday morning.  It is always great to hear the church leaders, especially when their remarks are directed directly to a specific group.

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