Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January 24th - Medallion Group

One of the RS groups in our ward is a group of women and young women working on the YW Medallion.  Of course, the program is for the YW, but many of the sisters were interested in doing the activities, as well, so we have had this group for the last couple of years.  Tonight was the meeting.

First, I think it is interesting how so many people get excited about doing something and then they never do it - or they start and fizzle out.  There have been as many as 15 or 20 attendees (there is one father who is working the program with his daughters - great dad!), but last night there were four.  There were a few who were absent for legitimate reasons, the rest have just stopped coming.  Of course, people are busy and they need to choose those things that are the priority at any given time.  It just got me to thinking about how hard it is to stick with something that requires focus.  Most of the activities are things we should be doing anyway, but it does require a certain focus to make sure the scriptures are read and the journal is written.  I also thought about how often I mean to do things, but so many times, it never happens.

In this case, I am hanging in there, although I told them up front that I intended to enjoy the journey rather than worrying about reaching a destination.  I am not interested in getting the medallion, but I want to enjoy focusing on the items in each activity.

The focus this evening was on Divine Nature #1.  We read the Family Proclamation and all the scriptures listed.  As we finished each one, we talked about what we learn about our divine nature from each of them.  Even though there were only four of us, we had a wonderful discussion.  Some of the scriptures we read were already marked in red, but I still found new thoughts in them.  We also talked about how we can find our own divine nature.  More interesting ideas!

A nice way to spend an hour - socializing with special people, discussing the scriptures, and working on accomplishing a goal.  Nice night!


tappingflamingo said...

I love this idea. I was YW pres in our ward for 4 years, and I tried to get the RS to work on this with the girls when the new program first came out. At first everyone was so excited, they even had us come in and give a lesson in RS about it. What a great idea to have a group that meats once a month. May have to suggest that one.

Grandma Cantrell said...

We have one mother and daughter who always come - the mother knows the daughter would not do it otherwise. I think many YW need the encouragement. The dad who is doing it has several daughters. The mother did it with the older two, so she decided the dad should do it along with the younger two. I thought it was a great idea! For the rest of us, it is just another chance to focus on the spiritual a little extra. Actually, I love projects and am looking forward to getting the basic requirements done, so I can start on them! I already have some ideas.