Sunday, January 15, 2012

January 14 - Day of Chaos

Some days go by and it feels like nothing gets accomplished, but there is activity all around.  This was one of those days!  Lisa and kids spent the night and both kids kept Lisa awake half the night for one reason or another.  Needless to say, she was exhausted, so she napped a good bit during the morning while the kids just played.  They were good, but they do create a lot of chaos!

We finally got everyone dressed and together so we could go out to Del Rio's for lunch.  Then back home again.  While Brooks took a nap, Lisa and Ashby went to the playground.  That was my one chance to get something done, but I didn't get too much of what I needed to do.  No laundry, no housecleaning, etc.  I did spend a little time at the computer working on clearing the last 400 names - I think I got about 100 of them done.  On their way home, Lisa and Ashby picked up some pizza for dinner.

After dinner, there were baths, and a wild playtime.  Brooks has started taking some steps and he was going wild - walking 10 or 12 steps at a time, sitting down, and clapping to make sure we all noticed.  He was also getting up on his hands and feet and doing the elephant walk.  Plus he would lie down and roll over, except he doesn't go straight over, so he was rolling around in a circle.  It was hilarious!  As if all that wasn't enough, Ashby was running laps through the house, squealing and trying to snatch the laundry that Lisa was trying to fold.  It really was total chaos and so funny!

Brooks was finally in for bed and Ashby was calming down, when Grandpa got home.  Shortly after that, David came over.  He was there in time to play with Ashby a little and then put her to bed.  They are staying another night.  David went on home later, after watching some of the football game, to finish up a couple of things there.

It was a day full of adventure, but it was also total chaos.  I will have to make myself get things back in order one of these days!

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