Saturday, January 31, 2015

January 30th - Visiting Teaching - Not Quite the Last Day of the Month!

This has been a crazy month for our visiting teaching, but the month is running out, so today we managed to get it done.  Well, I ended up going alone, since my companion called and she is really sick with a bad cold.  With all the stuff going around, she didn't want to spread hers as well.  Since there wasn't enough month left to postpone, I had to do it.

I met one of our sisters at Chic Filet for lunch.  We were there over an hour and had a great visit.  Then I visited a second one at her home.  She has just started back on family history and is taking my Sunday class and she could hardly wait to show me what she had found.  We had planned to visit our third sister earlier, but she called and said that a friend had died and the funeral was this morning.  Fortunately, we have both been in contact with her several times during the month, so she will just be an "other" contact this time.

By the time I got home, I needed a short rest and then I finished up my house chores and spent some time at the computer.  I didn't get any of the to-do piles lowered, however.  \

Bill had an activity with the priest's quorum this evening, so I snuggled up with some popcorn and watched a little Netflix before getting into bed to read. 

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