Monday, January 26, 2015

January 25th - Ward Conference

It seemed strange to head off to church this morning without my bag and computer.  Since it was ward conference, there were no regular classes so that meant no family history class to teach.  It was still a great day.  The bishop's talk in sacrament meeting was especially good.  It could easily have been a general conference talk and we both enjoyed it a lot.  The youth sang the "Sisters in Zion/Armies of Helaman" song and did a wonderful job.  I noticed more than one damp eye in the congregation.  The stake president was the final speaker, also good.

The Sunday School block was all adults and focused on family history.  At least, if I couldn't teach my class, they talked about the right subject.  It was actually pretty well done.  The Relief Society block had the brand new Stake RS presidency speak.  They were just called a week ago, so this was their first "public appearance." 

Once we got home, I got the stuff all ready for dinner:  steaks and chicken each marinating in different sauces, potatoes ready to bake, fresh green beans snapped and simmering, a frozen dutch apple pie in the oven. 

Then I sat at the computer and did some things from my to-do pile.  I was thrilled to wipe out a couple of things.  I just wish that the pile would actually look smaller when I do a few things!

When the kids got here, we grilled the steak and chicken and had dinner.  Everyone seemed to like it, as they all ate well.  Then the kids played while we chatted for a while.  Finally, after cleaning up, Bill got out the quadcoptor he got this week and they all played with it.  Brooks got the first turn and it was wild.  Good thing it is pretty tough, because it sure did some wild crashes.  Everyone else took a turn flying it, too, and Lisa won as the most in control.  We really got a lot of laughs out of the whole thing, until the battery finally ran out.  Fun family memories.

So, we can chalk up another wonderful Sunday!

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