Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January 19th - Another Stay at Home Monday!

I spent most of my day working on family history projects.  I got one part finished and emailed off, so I did accomplish something of value.  I also checked out my project piles to make sure there wasn't something pressing that needed to get done right away.  I have three piles!  That is ridiculous.  Hopefully tomorrow I can finish the last part of the project I worked on today and get that emailed off, too.  Then I can cross that one completely off the list!

I also had one of my ward members call to get some family history help.  She has just started in my Sunday class and was trying to figure out some things that we haven't talked about yet.  We spent a while working through her questions and managed to get them all answered.  Success!

During my lunch break, I watched the latest Downton Abbey episode.  Then later, when I had finally worn myself out, I rested and watched another show.  No nap today, but I did enjoy the rest!

We were supposed to go out to dinner with a ward family and then do some family history for their Family Home Evening.  However, that was called off at the last minute, as their 14 year old daughter was having pains and they were on their way to ER with probably appendicitis.  She is having surgery in the morning.

That meant we just spent a quiet evening at home.  I worked a little more on family history things and then headed in to read for a couple of hours. 

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