Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January 26th - Lunch with the Kiddos!

I was enjoying my Monday morning - plugging my way through the to-do pile.  Then I was saved by a phone call from Lisa asking if I wanted to meet for lunch at Chili's.  I mean, like, I didn't have to think about that one!

I ran the errand that I had planned to do today on my way to meet them.  We had a fun lunch.  She had coupon that gives a free kids meal with an adult entree, so the kids meals were free.  Their favorite at Chili's is mac and cheese and french fries.  Really nutritious, ha!  Lisa and I got the 2 for $20 meal of fajitas, which meant we also got chips and salsa for an appetizer.  We both chose the pork and it was delicious!  I could only eat half of it, though, so Bill got to have his own fajita for dinner using my leftover.

I had planned to bring the kids over to the house for a little bit, so Lisa could do some shopping, but they both decided they wanted to go with her, so I came on back alone.  I think they were hoping they could talk her into getting a toy at Target, even though she had emphasized that there would be now toys! 

It was a rainy, dreary day so after another couple of hours at the computer, I was tired.  I nestled into the big chair, turned on Netflix, and then fell asleep for a bit.  I did watch Downton Abbey first, though.  I fell asleep during Grantchester.

Later, I finished up another of my to-do projects, so that actually removed a pile from my desk.  Hooray! I may actually see the top of my desk again before the month is over - or not! 

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