Friday, January 2, 2015

January 1st - First Day of 2015! Hoping the rest of the days of this year are just as good.

I hope that the first day of the year will set the tone for the whole year ahead, as we had a great one. 

The kids came over around noon.  We had already gotten dinner going - ham in the oven, potato salad made, collards and black eyed peas cooking, and rolls rising.  Ashby and Brooks were so excited to open the presents.  We had waited on our gifts with them since they were in Colorado for Christmas.  They get so excited about each gift and it took quite a while to open everything.  They started with their stockings and there weren't interested in opening anything else until they had played a bit with those things.  I think they were happy with their gifts.  I think the favorite for Ashby was Pinkie Pie, a My Little Pony she loves.  Brooks liked the Play Dough cake maker best, but the dragon was a close second!

Once all the presents were opened, we got dinner on the table and had a great time eating together.  The children didn't take long, though, before they were back playing with their toys.  It is fun to see them so happy.  We all then enjoyed sitting around with the TV football game on in the background and chatting and watching the kids.  That casual time is usually the best time.

A little later, we gathered around the table again.  This time we indulged in chocolate fondue.  That was a huge hit!  With all of us!  Of course, all that sugar created an overflow of energy, so the kids ended the day with running round and round, playing with their dad.

They finally gathered up all the goodies and headed back home, but by then it was after 8:00.  Both kids were so tired, they could hardly keep their eyes open.  They had changed into pajamas and I wouldn't be surprised if they were asleep by the time they got home.

Today was a wonderful way to start a new year.  I don't make resolutions as such, but I have some thoughts about how I want this year to go.  Here's hoping that the rest of the year is as wonderful as day one!

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