Thursday, January 15, 2015

January 14th - Still raining, but a better day!

Today was Family History Center day, so I had to get out and I very much enjoyed the morning.  We had a couple of sisters and a daughter come in to tour the center.  They are taking an online genealogy class from BYU-I Pathways and that was one of their assignments.  It doesn't take long to tour the center itself, but once we got on the computer to show them what is available, we were all excited.  One of them has only started and doesn't have a lot, so we went into her Family Search account and were able to find some sources and a bunch of things.  They had to be somewhere else, but she kept saying, "Let's look for this one more thing!"  It is so fun when someone gets so excited.

Bill didn't have a job today, so he was home when I got back home.  He had paid bills and done some other things during the morning.  We took advantage of the day and went to the Mexican restaurant for a late lunch.  Yummy!  Of course, that meant no dinner, since one big meal a day is it for me.

When we got back, we watched a little TV - well, I watched while he napped!  Then it was back to the office to do some more odds and ends.  I am getting irritated with how my piles of things to do just keep getting higher in spite of my working on them.  I think it is time for a redo on my system!

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