Sunday, January 18, 2015

January 17th - More grandkids Today

I got started on my usual Saturday routine, including getting the last couple of loads of laundry going.  Then, David and Brooks came over to help take down the tree in the front yard.  As a result, my routine Saturday became anything but!

The tree had to come down because the roots are causing problems in the plumbing.  David has taken trees down before, so he came over to make sure it all happened right.  It did, although they had a little scare when they thought it was starting to fall the wrong direction.  Fortunately, it then fell as it was supposed to and all turned out well.  Getting the tree down and all cut up and the front yard cleaned up again took most of the afternoon.

Brooks had hoped that Grandma had bought him something that he saw on You Tube.  I had told him I would not buy it, but he seemed to think that if he got it on his Christmas list, then it would appear somewhere.  He was very disappointed, but he will learn that you don't always get everything you want right when you want it.  We fixed a late breakfast for David and us, since none of us had eaten, and when Brooks got some bacon, his mood turned around.  The magic of bacon!  The rest of the day, he was his happy, busy self.

Mid-afternoon, Lisa and Ashby came over and we all enjoyed sitting outside, watching Daddy and Grandpa doing all that hard work.  It was such a beautiful day!  Once the clean-up was done, the kids got rides in the wheelbarrow, which they loved.  Ashby wants to go faster and faster.  Brooks wants to go slow and no hills.  Such different personalities!

Then Brooks announced that he wanted to be a paleontologist when he grew up and took a hammer and started hunting for dinosaur bones in the yard.  He was so intense and kept announcing what he was finding - a twig, a leaf, a root were all various fossils.

We ordered pizza for dinner and came back in when it started to cool off.  After we ate, Lisa and Brooks headed back home, since she had some things that needed to be done.  Ashby and David hung around a while longer, talking and watching TV.  Ashby actually fell asleep for a while.

What a fun day it was!

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