Monday, January 5, 2015

January 4th - Adjusting to a New Sunday Schedule

Our church meeting time switched to 9:00 today.  I much prefer the morning time, so no complaints on my part.  Most of the youth and quite a few adults like sleeping in and having church in the afternoon.  Not me.  The biggest challenge is to make sure everything is ready before Sunday morning - no more time to put the finishing touches on a lesson, etc.

And it worked great today.  We were up, left on time, got to church so I had time to get the TV out for my class, and were getting seated for the meeting to start.  That was when the counselor in the bishopric sat down beside me and said, "It appears we don't have an organist this morning."  My reply, "You still don't."  But I told I would be happy to play the piano and he almost did cartwheels down the aisle!  So, last minute, no practice, hoping the hymns are easy one, there I am sitting up front at the piano like I own the place.  Fortune was with me and all went well.

The rest of the meetings were good.  I bore my testimony since I was up front anyway.  My class went well.  We are just at a question and answer point, so talk about whatever they want to know.  I logged in to one of the students Family Tree and we were able to work through some problems she was having.  We didn't everything done, but everyone was really into what we did and were excited to see things working right.

When we got home, I put together a casserole with left-over ham.  It turned out really good - noodles, broccoli, ham, cheese sauce.  But, since the kids are now on the afternoon church schedule, we knew they wouldn't make it over before about 5:00.  That meant that since dinner was put together, I had time to take a nap!  The best reason of all for having morning church!

We eventually had dinner and the kids really like the noodles.  It was not a fancy dinner, but we had that a couple of days ago and it was tasty.  Then we hung around for a while, being entertained by Ashby and Brooks and just chatting.  They finally had to leave around 8:00 because of bedtime.

It has been a wonderful 1st Sunday of the new year. 

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