Sunday, January 11, 2015

January 10th - Happy Birthday - to Me!

So, today I turned 68.  I have trying to figure out why 68 suddenly sounds so much older than 67.  I guess it is because I am now closer to 70 than 65.  Whatever!  At least I don't feel any older.

Most of the day was pretty much a standard Saturday.  I had several loads of laundry and a few other odds and ends, but I admit that I didn't bother really doing any serious cleaning.  After all, it is my birthday!  Bill was gone part of the day doing some errands, so I was either working on laundry or doing things on the computer.

In the afternoon, I decided I was really tired, so I took a nice nap.  Well, I read in bed for a bit before I fell asleep.  That really made me feel like I was pampering myself.

We met Lisa and family at Knni House at 5:00 to have dinner.  Japanese steakhouses are always fun and the kids were really excited, too.  And, as always, it was delicious.  We had a good chef so he made it fun, too.  A few days ago, Ashby had said we should have fried rice for my birthday dinner so that is why we ended up there.  And the fried rice was excellent - along with the shrimp, chicken, and filet mignon.

It has been a great birthday.  I like low key and today was just about right.  I got email cards and messages, texts, and FaceBook messages galore.  I talked to my dad and brother on the phone.  It is always nice to be remembered!

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