Saturday, January 17, 2015

January 16th - Grandkids Day!

I was just getting finished with my shower, having been up for a while and doing some odds and ends, when Lisa called.  Home school group, which usually meets on Friday mornings, had to be cancelled, because of sickness.  Lisa had decided to take the kids up to the children's museum in Gainesville, as they have annual passes and the kids love it.  She was calling me to invite me to go with them.  I gladly accepted the invitation.

On the way up to Gainesville, we stopped at Chic Filet and bought lunches, which we took with us.  The kids ate part of theirs in the car and finished when we got there.  After eating lunch, the kids were crazy to visit each of the rooms and play.  Their favorites included the soda shop, where they both cooked all sorts of food for us.  We loved the old juke box, which we kept loaded (fortunately, it is free!).  They then went different directions, so I was with Ashby.  Over the next couple of hours, we hit the TV studio, the dentist, the vet, the Broadway stage, the bank, and the play room.  Probably some others, too.  Part of the time, we caught up with Brooks at some of the places.  They had a ball!

When I finally got home, it was mid-afternoon.  I had a few things that I hadn't gotten done yet, then I rested a bit.  About 6:00, I headed back over to Lisa's to babysit with the kids while Lisa and David went out.  We had more fun; lots of laughter and running were involved.  The were both in bed and sleeping by around 9:00 and then I just relaxed for the rest of my time.

It has been a fun "grandkids" day!  I didn't get my to do list done, but who cares.  It will still be there tomorrow!

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