Thursday, January 29, 2015

January 28th - Wednesday, Family History Day, of Course!

We didn't have any patrons at the family history center this morning, but we both kept ourselves busy - between a little of our own work and just plain chatting!  We did a call in that Phyllis answered, so she was with that patron for quite a while.  We enjoyed the morning, but it is always more fun when we have a patron who actually comes in!

I had enough time to come home and have some lunch and then I headed out to the home of one of the ward members who needed some help.  I have helped her before, but she needed to go over it again.  I think she got a better handle on it this time.  She has one line that we have worked on a lot; I even worked on it myself at home.  It is a complete mystery.  We tried again today, but just can't seem to figure it out.  I will probably try to take some time on my own again.  At least, she has plenty of other things that we found that she can work on.  Plus, I really encouraged her to enter the stories she remembers about her parents and grandparents.  She is the only one left who has those memories and if she doesn't record them, they will be lost.

By the time I got home, for the second time, I was pretty tired.  That meant a little rest time for me.  I didn't nap, but I did relax!  I finally found enough energy to do a few things around the house and then to do a little more on my own computer.  Unfortunately, I didn't get anything done from the to-do piles.  Maybe tomorrow!

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