Monday, February 2, 2015

January 31st - Les Miserables

After a rather ordinary Saturday, Lisa and I got together to go out to dinner and then to the play Les Miserables at our local theater.  We ate at the Oyster Bar in downtown Lawrenceville.  We both got fried shrimp and it was very good!

Then we walked across the street to the Aurora Theater.  I had heard they had done a fabulous job when they did the play last year, so we were both looking forward to it.  We had seen it years ago at the Fox when our friend Candi played Epinene.  She had gotten us orchestra seats and I figured there wasn't any production that would rival the national touring company.

Imagine my surprise when this production did indeed rival it!  The stage is much smaller, so the sets were not quite as massive, but they were well done and everything flowed so well.  The biggest surprise was the quality of the music.  There were several of the performers who were most definitely Broadway quality.  We were both overwhelmed!

What a great evening we had - fun mother-daughter time and a fabulous production to enjoy!

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