Friday, January 16, 2015

January 15 - Relief Society "Other" Meeting

Let's see - another rainy day, another lazy day!  Well, not really.  Today was art class, so we had a fun morning.  We worked on drawing animals.  After practicing a bit on the white board, Ashby drew a dog and a cat on paper.  Next week we will paint the picture.  She loves to draw and did a really good job.

The rest of the day was pretty routine - 4 loads of laundry took the bulk of that time.  I also had some computer things to work on for Bill, which also took a while.

This evening was RS meeting.  They can't seem to agree on a name for the mid-week, monthly meeting, so they are calling it the "other" meeting.  Anyway, the subject this evening was food storage and some related topics.  They asked me to talk about menu planning, which I did.  I thought it was kind of ironic that they asked me, since I don't plan menus anymore - I hardly even cook!  But, I did have the experience to share from when the kids were young.  I think it was well received.  Even though there were only 12 of us, there was some good discussion.

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