Thursday, January 22, 2015

January 21st - Genealogy Study Group

Today I had to get up and going, as I needed to be to the church by around 9:00 to get things set up for the Genealogy Study Group meeting.  A few other members started arriving early as well, so it didn't take too much to get everything set up.  My biggest responsibility is always the projector and screen and getting the computer hooked up.  All worked well today.

The presentations were all really good, too.  We had 28 in attendance, which is great.  Afterwards, we had the steering committee meeting and have things planned up through the next three months.  I will do the main presentation in February on timelines, which is the presentation I have been working on for the May Family History Fair.  I will also do a book report in May, I think it is.  I do keep busy with that group, but I love it.

By the time I got everything put away, and spent a few minutes trying to help a little in the family history center, it was mid-afternoon when I got home.  I fixed some lunch and rested a little.  Then I had the rest of my daily chores to finish up.  It sure is easier to do those in the morning! 

It was a great day, though, as it always is when we have the genealogy group meeting.

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