Friday, August 1, 2014

July 31st - Our to Brunch!

My main activity for today was going out for brunch with one of the sisters I visit teach.  We have had trouble connecting and this seemed like a fun way to get together.  There is a new place open near us that is strictly breakfast, brunch and lunch.  It is actually a chain - J Christopher's.  Anyway we went there mid-morning and had a great brunch.  We also had a lot of fun chatting.  When we finally finished eating, we went over to a gift shop in the same shopping center - Duck, Duck, Goose - so she could get a gift for her sister.  It was all very fun!

Back home, I did as little as possible!  Ha!  I did do a few things that needed to be addressed, but I spent most of the time at the computer.  I am trying to finish up the outline for my classes and got quite a lot done on that.  Plus, a few other, rather uninteresting tidbits.

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