Wednesday, August 20, 2014

August 19th - Doctor's Appointment

I got my usual morning things done and then had to head to the doctor for my prescription renewal appointment.  No problems.  I do like my doctor as he is very personable and asks the right questions and then listens to my answers.  Should that be so hard?  Why doesn't every doctor do that?  Anyway, I passed the mini-exam and am good for another six months. 

At home I fixed some lunch and then found a new series from BBC that Lisa had told me about.  I finally found it on Amazon Prime.  It is called "Larkspur to Candlesford", I think.  Anyway, I watched the first episode while eating and it is my kind of show.

Bill got home just after that, but turned around and ran an errand or two.  Meanwhile, I was back at the family history, pulling up more on the family I had been working on yesterday.

This evening, while he was at YM activity, I watched another episode of the series and then curled up in bed with my book. 

Not a bad day!

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