Monday, August 11, 2014

August 10th - Another Fun day Sunday!

This was pretty much a normal Sunday for us.  I spent the morning getting the prep work done for dinner and then mostly working on the computer.  Yes, mostly family history!

Church meetings were good.  I do not have my class right now, but I am still setting up to help anyone who wants to take that time during Sunday School.  Today I had two people who wanted some help.  One was having trouble getting into FS - he couldn't remember his password, but we got him fixed up.  The other had not been in FS for quite a while and things are always changing, so she just needed a little help getting familiar with things again.

The kids weren't at the house yet when we got home, so we got busy and got dinner finishing.  I had left a pork loin cooking in the oven on a low temp while we were gone, so it was about done.  I had prepared some potatoes and I got them into the oven as quickly as possible.  Instead of baked potatoes, I had cut them in half, put them cut side down in the pan with lots of butter and sprinkled Tony's on them.  So good!  They get a little crispy and have that spicy flavor.  We also had fresh zucchini, stir fried with onion, corn on the cob, fresh butter beans, and some biscuits from a Red Lobster biscuit mix.  It all turned out really good.

We enjoyed hanging out with the kids, too.  They spent some time outside.  It seems that going to the ballgame the other night has inspired them to be ballplayers and they were out there playing with the balls, etc.  Ashby is so excited because she will start school tomorrow - home school, that is.  She was also excited to see how the art room is coming here.  She will come on Thursdays for art and she was so cute when they left.  Her comment was, "See you every Thursday!"  I think she is ready to start school!

It has been a normal, great Sunday.  I even finished the book I was reading - Orphan Train by Christina Bakre Kline.  It was very good.

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