Tuesday, August 12, 2014

August 11th - Monday Errands

This was the usual Monday - straightening the house after the weekend, dishwasher, etc.  Fortunately, it all doesn't take long and the house is back in good order.  I spent some time in the art room putting away the scrapbook and art supplies, so it is beginning to look pretty good. 

I also made a run to the library to return some books and also to pick up a book about Claude Monet.  He will be our art project starting next week.  I already had a children's book about him, but I wanted something with pictures of his paintings.  We will be copying a couple of his pictures after we learn a little about him.  This week, though, we will be reading the book The Dot and then making our own dot pictures.

While I was out, I also ran to Hobby Lobby to pick up some supplies.  I needed paper, particularly, including a roll of paper to use on the new easel.  I also picked up some tempera paint and a few other things.  I think we are pretty much set for now.  I have three more things for Bill to do and it will be finished - like carrying the table up, changing the light bulb that is burned out, and carrying out one more load of trash!

I even cooked dinner this evening - surprise!  Actually, I just fixed the leftovers from yesterday.  It was just enough to make a nice barbecue sandwich with fried potatoes and corn for the two of us. 

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