Monday, August 4, 2014

August 3rd - Sunday with the Grandkids!

We had a fun day with Ashby and Brooks.  They both slept well.  Ashby has a habit of waking up during the night and coming in to bed with us (she does the same thing at home with her daddy), but she managed to make it until around 5:00, so that wasn't bad.  Then she just snuggled and eventually fell back to sleep.  Brooks slept until about 7:30.

We fixed french toast for breakfast and then they just played.  By mid-morning, though, Brooks was getting grouchy - a sure sign that he is tired.  They were up late last night and he had not napped, so it was no surprise.  I finally had to put him in the crib and told him he would have to stay there until the cranky boy was all gone.  He lay in there for probably an hour, or close to it, not making much noise.  About the time that I wondered if he had fallen asleep, he was ready to get up.  He was all smiles and good nature by then.

However, we decided not to take them to church, since I was pretty sure the good mood would be short-lived.  We are not quite as willing to deal with misbehaving children at church as we were when we were young!  I did not have to teach a class, so I stayed home with them.

They played well for quite a while, but around 2:00, I asked Brooks if he was ready for a nap and he said he was.  I think he was asleep within minutes of my putting him back in the crib.  Ashby then played by herself for a long time.  She was glad for the quiet, I think.  She finally came and said she wanted to snuggle - code for "I am tired."  She wanted to do the cuddling in our bed, so we climbed in and cuddled, made up a story, giggled a little, and then she was asleep, too.

David and Lisa had gone home after church, so they got over here around 4:00 or so.  I already had just about everything ready for taco salad, so we finished it up and got it on the table.  Bill made it home just about then, so we had our dinner.  Ashby had gotten up after about an hour of napping, but Brooks slept on through.  He ended up taking a 3 1/2 hour nap.  I am rather glad that I didn't try dealing with him during church!

Because the kids were rested, they were able to stay a little later than they sometimes can.  It was a great evening for them to play outside - as long as we used bug spray.  David and Bill went over to look at a friend's house that got flooded with a broken water pipe (ice maker).  He had wanted David's opinion about some things, although the insurance company will probably not let him do any of the work. 

It has been a fun weekend with the children and with the family.  I miss church when I don't make it, but I thoroughly enjoyed my day anyway. 

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